WhatsApp New Beta Update: Now You Can Switch Between Voice Call and Video Call

WhatsApp has rolled out its new feature for Android Beta users. In which the user can convert voice calls to video call. This feature of WhatsApp is currently available only for WhatsApp Beta version. This feature will soon be rolled out to all other platforms and WhatsApp users soon.

WhatsApp New Beta Update

WhatsApp has used a button in its feature which allows the user to convert voice calls to video calls. With the help of this feature, if you ever need a video call during a voice call, then you have the option to convert video calling without a cut-off voice call.

In this new feature of WhatsApp, the user receives a new button during the voice call, which will convert your voice call into a video call after Taping on the button. As you have been shown in the photo below.

This new WhatsApp feature will save a lot of time of users. This feature will be found in beta version 2.18.4 and above of WhatsApp.

What is a beta user?

Whenever the developer makes some changes in any application or adds a new feature, then he first tests the application which people who initially test that application or feature, you can speak beta users. It is seen in the test that the updated app is rolled out whether it is working correctly or not.

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Anyone can become a beta user of WhatsApp, that is, whenever there is a new feature of WhatsApp, the first thing that will be rolled out is for you. There are also some disadvantages of becoming Whats beta user *.

If you open WhatsApp in the Play Store, you get the option at the bottom of the page where you can become a Beta user of WhatsApp.

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