Jio TV and Jio Cinema Now Available for Web: You Can Watch Live TV And Cinema On Your Laptop Or Desktop

If you are a user of Reliance Jio, then Reliance Jio has launched a new service for you. This service will make your entertainment even better. As you know, Jio has made available two features of Jio TV and Jio Cinema on the mobile platform for its customers. With the help of both of these features, you can do your entertainment to watch jio tv on pc laptop

Both Jio Cinema and Jio TV of Reliance Jio are now available for desktop. You can also enjoy Jio TV or Jio Cinema through your computer or laptop. But how to watch Jio tv on PC laptop?

Before proceeding, let’s know what is Jio Tv and Jio Cinema? And how can we use our daily life? You may have heard a name of Hotstar you may have seen some TV shows or movies on the Hotstar. But you are seen to be there only limited TV channels or to watch 100% live, you have to buy a premium account on Hotstar, which takes a lot of money. Jio Tv and Jio Cinema are also like Hotstar, the only difference is that you will not need to pay any other charges here but you have recharged internet on your Jio Number, that is enough.

 What is Jio Tv?

Jio Tv is a service provided by Reliance Jio, with the help of which Reliance users can watch all TV channels shown on TV on their mobile or computer. In JIo TV, you are shown more than 600 channels, and most importantly, on Jio TV you can also see the 7-day old show.

What is Jio Cinema?

Jio Cinema is also a service by Jio to its customers, with the help of which you can watch Hollywood and Bollywood as well as South Indian movies. With this, you get many more features in it.

Both Jio Cinema and Jio TV of Reliance Jio are now also available for desktop. You can also enjoy Jio TV or Jio Cinema through your computer or laptop too. But to be careful, Jio TV or Jio Cinema’s service will be used to get your mobile number verified, JIo will ensure that you are using Reliance Jio’s service.

How To Sing In On Jio TV and Jio Cinema

To use Jio TV or Jio Cinema on your laptop or desktop you will have to log in to their website, without logging in You will not be able to use Jio TV or Jio Cinema

1) First of all, you must have a number of jio and any plan should be activated at that number.

2) To use JIo Tv on a laptop or desktop, you will have to sign up on this website JIO TV. You have to enter your Jio mobile number for this and you will get an OTP Code then after verify yourself by entering OTP code

3) To use JIo Cinema, you have to log in to this website by going to Jio Cinema

4) To sign up, here you will be asked to set up an OTP and a password, along with an e-mail id. You will get a link to email id by clicking on which you activate your Jio TV Account.

However, for taking JIO Cinema in use, you only need to enter the OTP Code by entering Mobile Number.
you have come to understand that How to watch Jio Tv on pc laptop, if any doubt remains, then you can comment on the comment box.

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