How to Check Live Train Running Status: Find Train Live Location on Mobile

Internet makes our life a lot easier if we use it in the right way. We can do a lot of work in our daily life with the Internet, and it takes very less time. Nowadays you can book Train ticket online in a minute but in the old days, you had to spend at least 2 hours for it. You can also track Live train location and it helps you a lot If any train is late. Here you will know How to Check Live Train Running Status, and some other feature.

Delay of The Train in India is a normal thing, according to the RailYatri more than 50% of trains are delayed every day. For this reason, many passengers face problems every day, But what if you already know the delayed status and live location of the Train, You can save your time and overcome the problems.

I am also the person who had faced many problems due to the delay of the Train, Sometime before I did the journey in the train, at the same time my health was not good. I booked a Train ticket on the last night of the journey, but I did not check the live status of the train in which I am going to travel.

The departure time of the Train was 10:40 AM, I reached the Railway Station at the right time but I look, the Train in which I Have to travel is delayed by 10 Hours.

If I did check the Live Status of that train then I could book a Ticket on the previous train that was on 8:40 AM. Well, Here you will know How and where to Check the Live Status of the Train in Mobile and PC.

How to Check Live Train Running Status

Before checking the Train Live Status you should know the Train Number or Name. If you don’t know it then don’t worry Knowing the train number or name is quite easy.

If you have the Train Ticket (e-ticket also) then look at this you will find the Train number and the name. If you don’t have the train ticket then you can search your train on google and also on some apps and Website, there you find the number and name.

How to Check Live Train Running Status Through RailYatri

RailYatri is a Platform where you can check the live location of any train, It works on real-time GPS Location mechanism and also uses the users Live location Information those are traveling on the Train.  This platform provides a better and correct location status of the train than others.

Live Train Running Status

Here you will be asked when you check the live status of the train, You are on the train or not. This platform is not only for Train Live Status but you can also use these features:-

•  PNR status detail with Confirmation Probability.

•  Live Train Status, but with real-time GPS Location mechanism

•  Timetable of trains with Offline timetable feature, so that you may check it without Internet connectivity.

•  You can avoid the delayed trains by studying the running time statistics of the trains between two stations.

•  If you are a daily commuter through local trains and metros, find all the information in the RailYatri.

•  Fantasy and fun: Get to know the real-time speed of your train and various trivia’s about Indian Railways and the stations.

• Live Trip Sharing.

I hope now you have understood that what are the features of RailYatri. Let’s Learn How to Use the Live Location Feature

First of all, you have to download the RailYatri mobile app or you can visit at, after that you will get this type of dashboard, here you have to enter your train number or name, then select the train starting date.

Now click on the button, If you are on the train then click on I’M on this Train If not then click on I’M Not On this train.

If you don’t get the Live Location of the train then change the starting date of the train.

After getting the result you have to understand it, Here  You can see which station crossed the train, delay status, ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), PF (Platform Number) and the time of Halt at the Station.

Always confirm the Platform Number at the Station, sometime it could be changed.

On the RailYatri you only get the information about the all Upcoming station. If you want then you can book the Hotel and order the food.

You also get some other features like PNR Status, Train Time Table, Hotel Booking, Food, Bus Ticket etc.

How to Check Live Train Running Status through RailBeeps

RailBepps is another platform to check Train Live Location, this is developed by the NDTV, Here you can also check Train PNR status, Train timetable, Train between the stations.

The mobile application is available on the play and app store, You can also use this platform in your web browser Go to this link NDTV Live Train Status and use it

RailBeeps is easy to use and have a good interface, every user can understand it easily. To Check the live location status of the train you have to click on the “Live” button on the app. after that enter the train number or name and then select the train starting date.

Live Train Running Status

Here you can see the arrival and departure time at the station, Delay status, and that station where the train will stop for some time. You also get the previous station information in RailBeeps.

RailBeeps is also a good option to Track Live Location of the train, the best thing about it, it’s easy to use for all users.

How to Check Train Live Location By ixigo

Ixigo also provides you the live location status of the trains, It also provides some other features like Flight Booking, Hotel Booking, Train time, Flight time, Here you can get the information about local trains and Metro.

To Check the live status of the train you have to download the app, you can’t use the live Location feature on the In the app you will get the “Running Status” button, you have to click on it. After that, you have to enter your train number or name.

Live Train Running Status

Ixigo provides you the delay status, Arrival and Departure time, Halt Status, Here you also get Previous station information.

Features of ixigo

  • Fare Alert
  • Hotels

These all apps and Websites are the best according to my research and experiences, all are user-friendly and easy to use.  

You can also use the Railways’s official Website and App NTES, but it’s not as good as the above-mentioned platform. The main reasons to say it that is User Experience, NTES is not user-friendly. NTES provides you some other feature that any other platform is not provided. If you can use it easily then go for it.


Time is the more costly than money so we use it smartly. The delay of the train in India is a normal thing so you should be smart. You can use the Internet to find the right time for the train otherwise you may lose your precious time. Well here you have learned How to Check Live Train Running Status, Next time whenever you Book the train ticket or go to the Railway station for the journey must check the Train Live Location status before doing that, It will defiantly help you.


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