Top 10 Indian Tech YouTube Channel: Top 10 Indian Tech YouTuber

Video blogging is also increasing in India with other countries. The number of visitors to Youtube in India was very low in 2015, but now the number of people watching YouTube videos has increased significantly. You can see what you want on YouTube. You have lots of Youtube channel on YouTube, so it is very important for you to know which channel you should follow on YouTube. Along with this, if you have stepped into the world of YouTube then you will have a lot of trouble knowing which channel is best or top. Keeping this in mind, I will talk about Top 10 Indian Tech YouTube Channel in this post, which will help you to know more about whom you should watch the video on YouTube. Here I have selected Top 10 Indian Tech YouTube Channel, not on the basis of their subscribers, but on how much they are popular and how much value they add to their content.

Top 10 Indian Tech YouTube Channel

1)Technical Guruji: – Gaurav Chaudhary

Technical Guruji is very popular on youtube channel in India, who keeps interest in Technology, then he/she keeps Technical Guruji in mind. On the technical Guruji YouTube Channel, you get 2 videos every day, In first Gaurav talks about core tech, and in the evening video, Gaurav talks about what happened in the world of technology that day. you get update from this channel on New Smartphone Unboxing, Gadgets Review, and other technologies.

  • Channel Name – Technical Guruji
  • Name – Gaurav Chaudhary
  • Channel Was Started In -18 oct 2015
  • Subscribers – 4 + Million (40 lac)
  • Videos – 1363 +
  • Views – 381,261,104 +
  • Language – Hindi
  • Age – 29 Years (5 September 1988)
  • Full-Time Youtuber – No
  • Location – Dubai

2) Geekyranjit:- Ranjit Kumar

In top 10 Indian Youtube tech channel Ranjit Kumar, the second name, He talks about the Andriod Tips and Tricks, along with Smartphone Review, New Smartphone Unboxing, Gadgets Review, Electronic Products Review and unboxing on its channel Geekyranjit. Geekyranjit is a very old name in Youtube’s world, he started his channel when Monetization was not even started on youtube. Ranjit puts the video in English on his channel Geekyranjit, but now he also made a Hindi channel named Geekyranjit Hindi.

  • Name – Ranjit Kumar
  • Channel Name – Geekyranjit
  • Channel Was Started – Jan 6, 2011
  • Subscribers – 1.3Mollion+ (13 Lac )
  • Language – English
  • Videos-2209+
  • Views – 275,370,427+
  • Full-Time YouTuber – Yes
  • Location – Hyderabad

3)Sharmaji Technical: – Praval Sharma

Sharmaji Technical is the first YouTube Channel which started to tell about the technology in the Hindi language when Praval Sharma started his channel, all Indian Tech Youtuber used to make the video in the English language. Praval Sharma started making the video in Hindi on YouTube, telling about Smartphone Review, Gadgets Review, and Internet Tips Tricks. Sharmaji is a very old name in the world of youtube. When Praval Sharma started to make video in Hindi, the rest of you tubers felt that there are very few people watching videos in Hindi and someone will see their video, but Sharmaji Technical youtube channel not only succeeded but also fulfilled the whole of youtube The world changed itself, seeing  successful channels in Hindi, many people changed their English channel to Hindi. And today India’s largest Tech Channel Technical Guruji is also in the Hindi language.

  • Name – Praval Sharma
  • Channel Name – Sharmaji Technical
  • Channel Started – Mar 26, 2008
  • Subscribers – 8 Lac +
  • Videos – 2118+
  • Views – 98,898,669+
  • Language – Hindi
  • Full-Time YouTuber – Yes
  • Location – Delhi India

4) Gadgets To Use: – Abhishek Bhatnagar

Abhishek Bhatnagar is not only a Successful Youtuber but also a Pro Blogger, only one Abhishek Bhatnagar in the Top 10 Indian Tech Youtube Channel which is a Pro Blogger as well as a Successful Youtuber. On their channel Gadgets To Use you can see all kinds of gadgets review and unboxing along with the Smartphone Review. Abhishek Bhatnagar make tech video with little fun, which makes a lot of people feel good. You can also watch vlogs along with tech video on their channel Gadgets To Use.

  • Name – Abhishek Bhatnagar
  • Channel Name – Gadgets To Use
  • Channel Started – Mar 29, 2011
  • Subscribers – 7 lac +
  • Videos – 4023 +
  • Language – Hindi
  • Full-TIme Youtuber – Yes
  • Location – Delhi India

5) Techno Ruhez: – Ruhez Amrelia

Ruhez Amrelia is the founder of Techno Ruhuz, On the Techno Ruhez Youtube channel, you also get the Daily Tech News along with the smartphone Review, Unboxing, Gadgets Review, in which Ruhez gives you the technical update of the day. The highest number of Tech News Ruhez has uploaded on YouTube. Ruhez has made a lot of Struggle in his early days but he has not lost his hat and today the name of Ruhez Amrelia in Top 10 Indian IndiaTech Youtube channel is also taken with great respect. Ruhez Amrelia has also just launched a Tech Blog where it updates the daily tech news along with technology and internet.

  • Name – Ruhez Amrelia
  • Channel Name – Techno Ruhez
  • Channel Started – Jan 8, 2015
  • Videos – 835 +
  • Subscribers – 4.13 lac +
  • Language – Hindi
  • Full-Time YouTuber – Yes
  • Location -Mumbai

 6) Technical Sagar:-  Abhishek Sagar

On the technical Sagar YouTube channel, you get many kinds of content, especially you get a related video from Ethical Hacking, Ciber Security, along with blogging, WordPress on its channel as well as about technology related facts. Also explains.

  • Name – Abhishek Sagar
  • Channel Name – Technical Sagar
  • Channel Started – Dec 20, 2014
  • Videos – 711+
  • Subscribers – 7 Lac +
  • Language – Hindi
  • Full Time You Tuber – Yes
  • Location – Delhi

7) C4ETech:- Asu

The C4ETech Youtube channel is mainly based on SmartPhone and Android, here you can learn about the New Smartphone Unboxing, Review, App Review, Gadgets Review and more. The C4ETech youtube channel is in English language.

  • Name –  Asu
  • Channel Name – C4ETech
  • Channel Started – Mar 20, 2007
  • Videos – 1766 +
  • Subscribers –  9 lac +
  • Language – English
  • Full-Time Youtuber – Yes

8) IGyaan: – Bharat Nagpal

IGyaan is also a very old name in the Top 10 Indian Tech Youtube channel, on this channel, you can find videos about News, Android, iOS, along with Games Review, Smartphone Review, Gadgets Review.

  • Name – Bharat Nagpal
  • Channel Name – IGyaan
  • Channel Started – Jun 19, 2010
  • Videos – 1636 +
  • Subscribers – 7 lac +
  • Language – English

9) My Smart Support:- Dharmendra

On My Smart Support YouTube Channel, you get videos about YouTube, Adsense, Web Development, App Development. My Smart Support channel on you tube is quite old and all YouTubers are aware about this channel, here you can learn about A to Z all about you Tube. If you want to become a You Tuber then you must follow the My Smart Support channel. Dharmendra sir explains about every topic that is coming to face in your youtube career, with this you get the latest Update or News of Youtube here first.

  • Name – Dharmendra
  • Channel Name – My smart Support
  • Channel Started – Jul 26, 2012
  • Videos – 557 +
  • Subscribers – 4.5 lac +
  • Language – Hindi
  • Full Time You Tuber – Yes
  • Location – Patna Bihar

 10) Technical Dost:-  Hitesh Kumar

Technical Dost Youtube Channel is totally different from all the other Tech Channels, here too, along with the Smartphone Review, Internet Knowledge Trending Tech Update, Tech News is also reported, but the method of explaining them in funny style is different from everyone, Likes it. On the Technical Dost youtube channel, you can also enjoy fun along with technology.

  • Name  – Hitesh Kumar
  • Channel Name – Technical Dost
  • Channel Started – Jun 11, 2016
  • Videos – 370 +
  • Subscribers – 5 lac +
  • Language – Hindi
  • Full Time You Tuber
  • Location -Delhi India

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There are lots of tech you tuber in India and their subscribers are also quite good, but having subscribers only you cannot judge their content. If your favorite tech Youtuber is not in the list of this Top 10 Indian Tech Youtube Channel and you think that they should also be included in the list of this Top 10 Indian Tech Youtube channel, you can give your opinion by commenting on comment section.

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