Instagram Active Now Status Feature: Now You Able to See Last Seen and Activity

Instagram, the user’s last activity checking feature is going to launch soon. At present, this feature has been rolled out for only a few people and is currently undergoing testing mode.Instagram Active Now Status Feature

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WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger are of all these Facebook. Facebook has already enabled this feature in WhatsApp and Messenger. Although you can hide your own last status on Messenger and Whatsapp, but you will not get the feature to hide your last seen on Instagram.

Instagram Active Now Status Feature

Your Followers on Instagram will not be able to see your last Seen. But those people whom you follow or you have the direct message to them can see your last seen. Apart from this, you will also be able to see activity status.

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With the help of the Instagram Active Now Status feature, it will also be able to see whether the user is active at any particular time. As you may know, this feature is currently in testing mode only. It is being told that soon this feature will roll out to all users. To get this feature first, keep updating your Instagram application as needed.

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