How to use ATM / Debit Card for Online Shopping

Nowadays online shopping is increasing, so if you need to pay online, mostly you pay by your ATM / Debit Card. The need to make online payment through ATM / Debit Card can be in many places whether it is online shopping or e-wallet and more. Before putting information on your ATM / Debit Card on any website, You should know how secure that website is. In this blog post, you will learn How to use ATM Card for Online Shopping.

Big e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, PaytmMall, eBay, Mantra or any other popular websites are Safe to Online Payment, You can safely make shopping on these websites by putting the information of your ATM/Debit card

The website whose URL contains https or the URL in your browser is written Secure, that website is considered secure and there will be no incorrect use of your Debit Card. You should never put your ATM / Debit Card information on without https website.

How to use ATM Card for Online Shopping 

After selecting the one you want to buy online You have to select the Payment option. However, most of the time you get cash on delivery option on the e-commerce website, but many times you are not given cash on delivery service and you have to pay online.

How to Use ATM Card for Online Shopping

Card Number – Here you have to enter the number of your ATM / Debit Card which is of 16 characters. This number is written in the middle of your ATM card.

Expiry Date – How long will your card stay active, Here you have to Enter Your card Expire Date in which you will enter Month and Year.

Card HolderName – After this, if you will be asked, you have to enter the cardholder name.

CVV – CVV code is of three letters This code is written on the back of your ATM / Debit Card.

After all, this happens, when you click on the process, to complete the payment process, you will be sent an OTP code from your bank to your registered mobile number which you have to put in this step.

How to Use ATM Card for Online Shopping


The OTP code will appear on your mobile number which you have registered with your bank account. After entering the OTP code, your online payment process is complete and the money is deducted from your account.

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Never be afraid to pay online, just be careful that the website where the payment is made is genuine. I hope that you have learned How to use ATM Card for Online Shoppingwell, you have any questions, so ask in the comment.

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