How to Secure Your Facebook Account From Hackers (5 Pro Tips)

Facebook is the largest Social Media platform in the Word and almost every Internet user is on Facebook. Security plays a vital roll in any kind of Service that’s why Facebook is also Providing amazing Features to prevent your Account hacked by Hackers, But the main thing is it You Should Know How to Secure Your Facebook Account Because if anybody hacked your account then in most of the cases that is your Fault Not Facebook. It has good features to secure your Account. I can Bet You if you follow all these steps then nobody can Hack your Facebook Account.

1) Always Choose a Strong Password

Let’s start with choosing a strong password because a strong password can prevent your Facebook account in most of the cases. most of the new Facebook user choose the password like GF Name/BF Name, mobile number and something else which anybody can guess. You know hackers are more intelligent in their field that’s why you always choose a mix of characters and contains Like this [email protected]$%99 you can see here, this password is the combination of capital letters, Special characters, and Numbers. Most of Facebook users choose the password like this logicaldost it is a very simple password to be hacked because hackers use a technique called “Dictionary Attack” where they use each word of the English alphabet in password box to open your account.

2 ) Two-Factor Authentication

Sometimes a strong password is not enough to secure your account. Nowadays two-factor authentication is the most useful feature to secure and Facebook calls it “Login Approvals”. The method behind it is very simple when you sign in with your password Facebook will send a Code to your mobile that you will enter on site.

In this case, anyone knows your password, he still wouldn’t be able to log in without having Code

How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Find Security and login section on Settings, Here you will get all Security features of your Facebook account. Now add a mobile number if you didn’t add before and click on “Set up” to Enable Two-Factor Authentication. You will not need enter code every time when you log in. Facebook will ask to Save that particular Browser to login without code.

How to Secure Your Facebook Account
How to Secure Your Facebook Account

Sometimes you might lose your Mobile or Mobile Number in that case How you will log in to your Account. Don’t worry Facebook provides Recovery Codes Features to log in. You can take a screenshot of these 10 codes or print it.

How to Secure Your Facebook Account

3) Login Alerts by Email

Strong Password and two-factor authentication are the best way to Secure Your Facebook Account But for peace of mind, you can use one more feature that will help to notify every time when someone log in to your account by unrecognized Browser. You can find this feature in Security and login Section.

How to Secure Your Facebook Account

4) Where You are Logged In

This is also a good feature in my eyes, by the help of this feature you can see where you are logged in and where you did log in, in your Past,  along with it you can see Location, IP address and Browser type of that person if you think you didn’t log in there then you can Log Out From there Without Log in to His/Her Browser. Always remember to change the password after doing that.

How to Secure Your Facebook Account
How to Secure Your Facebook Account

Here Location may be Right or Not that totally depends on GPS

5) Audit Apps that have Permission to Access Your Facebook Account

You have look sometimes you can log in to any site or App by the help of Facebook or Google Account how it is possible because they use your account information and they can access your Facebook Account if you permit them, always check which kind of permission you are giving to that particular site or app. Generally, they use your Name, email id and sometime DOB it’s enough.

You can check which apps and websites you are permitted to access your Facebook Account. Settings> Security and Log in> Apps and Web sites. You can remove them.

How to Secure Your Facebook Account

You have learnt How to Secure Your Facebook Account If you follow these all 5 Features then nobody wouldn’t hack Your Facebook Account. You have question or Suggestion then please comment.

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