How to Search On YouTube Smartly: How to Use Filters on YouTube for Search Query

In today’s world, the person who uses the Internet must also use YouTube. Where he can watch any video according to his preference. Videos are being watched by people on YouTube since 2005. Today, the most video sharing website is One of the reasons that YouTube’s video loading speed is faster than the rest of the video-sharing website is that YouTube is a product of Google. In this article, you will know How to search on YouTube Smartly.

How to search on YouTube Smartly

You can search anything on YouTube but there will be times when you will not find the results that you want to find. Because there are too many videos on YouTube. And over 5 billion videos are watched every day on YouTube.

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In this case, if you are a smart user, then you can find your results very easily so that YouTube has made available quite a lot of good filters, by which we can see any results according to our needs.

How to Search on YouTube Smartly

Whenever you search any video on YouTube, you get the filter option on your screen. In which you get lots of options that you can use as per your need. This filter will also be found on your Smartphone and the way to do it is similar to that of Smartphone and Computer.

1) Upload Date

As soon as you click Filter, you get a FILTER in the first line named Upload Date. In which you get the option of Last Hour, Today, This Week, This Month and This Year.

If you want to watch the video uploaded in the last 1 hour, you have to select Last Hour. After that, the videos will be shown to you in the last one hour uploaded. Similarly, you can watch the video that was uploaded the same day or the video that was uploaded the same month.

2) Type

In this FILTER you get the option of Video, Channel Playlist, Film, Program. If you want to search only YouTube Channel, then by entering your search query, you can click on Channel, after which you will be shown all the Channels in your search result. In the same way, you get the option of playlist movie etc.

3) Duration

In this FILTER, you get two options: First video of around 4 minutes and another 20 minutes to watch the video. If you want to watch a small or big video in your search result, you can control it here.

4) Features

Here you get lots of options such as 4K, HD, HDR, SubTitles, Creative Commons, 3D, Live, Purchased, 360 Degrees, you can select any of these FILTER according to your need. Here you can select 360 degrees and watch 360 supported videos.

How to search on Youtube smartly

5) Sort By

This YouTube filter gives you 3 options. Upload Date, View Count, and Rating

Here you get the option to select a sequence. If you click on Upload Date, the video that was first uploaded will be shown at the top and the old video will be shown as you go down.

Likewise, you get the view count of the video, after clicking on which video view you will be the most will be shown first and this sequence will decrease in the descending order as you go down.

6) Rating

This filter will be shown at the top of the video that was most often liked. This feature can be the best feature for you to save your precious time.

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If you use these filters then you can find any search result according to your wishes. Apart from these filters, the way you surf your YouTube will be changed. I hope that you have known that How to Search on YouTube Smartly.

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