How to Get YouTube PIP Mode on any Smartphone: Download YouTube Video and Play on Mx Player

Google has added PIP (Picture In Picture) mode to its latest Android version, Android Oreo. With the help of which the user can work two simultaneously. That means you can watch YouTube videos as well as chatting on WhatsApp. During a chat, a small pop-up window will be opened on your mobile screen and you will be able to continue your work. In this tutorial, I will tell you How to Get Youtube PIP Mode on any Smartphone and some other Tips

PIP (Picture In Picture) mode currently get the latest version of Android, Android Oreo, and YouTube Red Subscribers. But you can enjoy this feature by downloading third-party App New Pipe separately.

Just a few days ago a developer has created a similar application called the New Pipe App. With this app, you can open a YouTube Video PIP window on your Android smartphone.

New Pipe App Features

  1. You can watch YouTube videos in PIP mode.
  2. You can watch YouTube videos on MX Player or any other Video Player.
  3. You can download YouTube Video Direct in your gallery.
  4. You can also listen to audio in the background.

How to get YouTube Pip Mode

Keep in mind this app is not available in Google Play Store because it does not follow Google’s policy. To download this app you have been given a link below which you can download Direct this app to your smartphone.

How to Install the New Pipe App

  • You have to click here to download the app.
  • Keep in mind that this app is downloading from the Unknown Source, so the feature of UnKnown Source should be turned on in your smartphone. However, when you try to download this app, you will be able to open the Unknown Source feature menu, open it from there, you can easily turn it on from there.
  • Once downloaded, you will find this app in the apk section of your file manager, from there you can install this application.

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How to Get YouTube PIP Mode on any Smartphone

  • When you open the new Pipe application, you get two buttons in the top bar, one YouTube trending video and the other is your subscription. Along with that, you also have the option of searching here in the side, in which you can search and download any video.
  • Whenever you click on any video, you will see two options below its thumbnail, which includes a background that lets you listen to the audio in the background of the app, and during this time you can use any other application. The second feature will be a pop-up when you click on this button the popup of your video will start showing on your screen, then you can do any other work such as WhatsApp Chatting or anything else your video will continue in that pop-up window.

How to download YouTube videos on New PIP App

It’s very easy to download a YouTube video in the new pipe app. You need to open any video that you want to download, after that, at the top bar, you will find some options that include the option to download and share. When you click on the download button, you will be asked to select the quality in which you can select any video quality accordingly. After select video quality, your video downloading will start automatically.

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How to watch YouTube videos on MX Player or any other video player

How to get YouTube Pip Mode

With the help of the New Pipe App, you can watch YouTube videos also in the Mx Player or any other video player, to do this, you have to go to the settings of this app and click the Video and Audio button, here you will find lots of options. , In which you will also find an Option Use external Video Player, after active that feature you will be able to view YouTube Video in your favorite video player.

Now I think you have learned How to Get YouTube PIP Mode on any Smartphone and some other tips if you have any query you can ask by comment

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