How to Choose a SmartPhone: 10 SmartPhone Buying Guide

It would be absolutely right to say that Smartphone has become an important part of our life. There has been a lot of change in our lifestyle due to the Smartphone. Many such small and big things that we can do very easily with the help of our Smartphone while talking about earlier time, we spent a lot of time and money in order to do those same things. The question arises as to how we know which smartphone we should buy? because we have a lot of options in the market, which we keep confused and cannot choose the right smartphone. In this article, I have told you that How to Choose a Smartphone or 10 Smartphone buying guide.

How to choose a smartphone

A good Smartphone Depends on a lot of things, just by looking at 1 or 2 features of the phone, you can not predict which smartphone is bad and Which Smartphone will be the best for you, to purchase a Smartphone you Must have basic knowledge in What I told you in this article is how to buy a new smartphone or what things should you keep in mind while buying a new smartphone.

Keep one thing always in mind that you get two options to buy a smartphone, first online market and second offline market. Wherever possible buy any new smartphone online, you get a lot of benefits and new knowledge.

How to Choose a Smartphone

1) Your Need

When buying a new smartphone you should always keep in mind what you need on your smartphone or what your needs are. Never buy any smartphone by sighting people. And nowadays, you can buy a good smartphone in the budget of around 6000 INR, in which you get all kinds of features which should be in a good and expensive smartphone.

2) How much is your budget

This thing is very much dependent on how much price you want to buy a smartphone because in the market you get a lot of options in which you can be confusing. When buying a new smartphone, you should decide on your budget in advance it will help How to Choose a Smartphone.

3) Research

After selecting the needs and budget, you have to do research on the smartphone of your budget range on the Internet. In which you will see how people responded to the smartphone you want to buy. How many stars have been given to that smartphone on Amazon and Flipkart or any other e-commerce website? On these e-commerce sites, you also have to read the reviews and feedback about that phone.

Research is the most important point to choose a right smartphone

3) Brand

Which brand of the smartphone are you buying, this is a great deal, because there are many brands in the market that provide you with very good specifications and features at a lower and high cost If you look at the same, there are some brands that do not make a good smartphone by charging you more.

If you want to buy Oppo or Vivo smartphone then read my things carefully before that.

At the same price, you get very good smartphones from Xiaomi, 10.or etc.,

If you go to a shop to buy a new smartphone and speak to the shopkeeper that we have to buy a new smartphone then there is no doubt that he will speak to buy Oppo or Vivo’s phone and that phone will show you.

The shopkeeper speaks to you to buy Oppo or Vivo’s smartphones because Oppo and Vivo give the highest 24% commission on the sale of a smartphone to the shopkeeper, if I talk, then the rest of the companies pay 10 to 15%. Now you can understand yourself why the shopper only speaks for you to take the Oppo or Vivo smartphone.

4) Processor

In the Smartphone most expensive and special part is processor and because of the processor smartphone can be called good or bad. Keep in mind that whenever you buy a new smartphone, at that time there should be the latest processor in the smartphone or if it is old then it should not be too old. If you talk about today’s time, all MediaTek processors are not good. Today the Qualcomm Snapdragon processors give good performance and come with the latest technology.

5) RAM

In the smartphone, Ram also plays a key role, with the help of your phone slow or fast work. Keep in mind that if you only have more RAM, you can not decide that your phone will work faster. Along with RAM, the processor and the hardware and software of mobile are also what it depends.

But at least the smartphone you are choosing will have 2GB of RAM.

6) Operating System

The software that your smartphone, speaks the operating system and it can be Android, iOS or Windows. But nowadays Android is the most operating system and all the companies also want to make their own smartphone with the Android operating system.

How to choose a smartphone

When purchasing a new smartphone, you should keep in mind that the latest operating system in your smartphone or not.

7) Camera

The camera of the smartphone plays a significant role, so it is also important to have a good camera with our smartphone. When buying a smartphone, your mobile has at least 13 megapixels rear camera with LED flash and at least 5 megapixels front selfie camera If the LED flash is also available with the selfie camera, then it is even better.

Only because of megapixels, it cannot decide that the camera of your smartphone will be good. Along with megapixels, it is also seen in the camera that in which sensor is detected and what is the aperture you get with it. So always keep in mind that more than just megapixels will not make the picture quality of your camera much better.

8) Battery Backup

Battery backup is also a big thing How to choose a smartphone, Keeping the battery in the smartphone for more time, it is always good. your smartphone has at least 3000 mAh battery.

Not only does it show that your smartphone will give you more battery backup, even if you have more mAh batteries in a smartphone, it depends on how your smartphone’s hardware and software work.

9) Screen

The mobile screen is very important to you. Nowadays, more and more good brands give you the protection of Corning Gorilla Glass with your mobile screen, with the help of which if your smartphone falls, then the risk of breaking the screen is very less.

How to choose a smartphone

Nowadays, smartphones come in from 4-inch display to 6.5-inch screen sizes, a good screen size is considered to be 5 inches because the 5-inch display smartphone comes easily in your hands and pockets. Your smartphone must have HD or Full  HD+ Display.

10) Hybrid Sim Slot

When purchasing a new smartphone, keep in mind that you are either given a hybrid SIM slot on the smartphone or not. Nowadays the hybrid SIM slot does not have much trouble, but if you want to put two SIM cards and one memory card together in your mobile, then keep this in mind as well.

Hybrid SIM slot means that you can either put two sim cards on your smartphone or simultaneously put a SIM card and a memory card together.

My Opinion

  • Purchase new smartphone from the online market as far as possible, it will be equally charged to you as much as the other, or the price of a smartphone.
  • If your budget is from 5000 to 10000 then you should buy Xiaomi, 10.or (Tenor) etc.¬† brand of Smartphone.
  • Oppo and Vivo phones are very expensive to buy according to Specification and features.
  • Instead of asking the people to purchase a Smartphone, search on the internet, everything on the internet is available.

I hope you have understood that How to choose a smartphone If you have any queries or questions, comment in the comment box.

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