Grammarly KeyBoard App Now Available for Android With Grammar Checker: Improve English Grammar and Spellings

It is common for English to have spellings mistake or Grammar’s mistake during chatting or typing on a mobile phone. But Grammarly, the best platform to correct English, has rolled out the Grammarly Keyboard app on the Google Play Store. Now you can download it now from Play Store. Grammarly Keyboard was launched last month for iOS.

Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly was used only in the desktop, whenever you type anything on the desktop with our keyboard, and if there is any spelling or Grammatical mistake in it, then Grammarly gives you suggestion to fix it in this way. To fix it, you only have to tap on that suggestion.

What is Grammarly KeyBoard, How to Use Grammarly KeyBoard

The good thing is that the Grammarly KeyBoard is now also available for Android. You have to type the Grammarly Keyboard by visiting the Play Store to use it. After app downloads, whenever you type anything from the Grammarly Keyboard and if there is a spelling or any other mistake in it, then Grammarly will give you suggestion on the top bar that the type you typed will be correct in this way. To correct spelling or grammar mistakes, you only have to click on that suggestion.
A premium version of Grammarly is also available, in which you get some more features like style enhancement, vocabulary implementation, decoration, additional style, etc.

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Grammarly is currently available in British and American English only. If the word you are typing is correct, then you can also flag that word after that if your flag will correct, then Grammarly will change it. Apart from this, if you want to add a new Word Grammarly dictionary, you can do that too, whenever you type that word, then Grammarly will tell you the right thing.Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly is a keyboard, now it can also save the data of users. But Grammarly has said it clearly that it will not use the users’ data, and all of them will keep the data encrypted.
Along with that, Grammarly has also said that Grammarly Keyboard blocks the user’s sensitive information such as credit or debit card details or password.

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