40+ Browser Shortcut Keys For Chrome, Mozilla Firefox & Microsoft Edge

Here you will learn about 40+ Browser Shortcut Keys, Not only for Google Chrome But all Popular Browser Like Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft edge and Google Chrome. By learning these Keyboard Shortcuts, You can speed up your Browsing speed or you can say work speed. Yes, to learn these keys take some time but after learning it save your lot of time and efforts.

Browser Shortcut Keys

Shortcut KeysDescription
F11Display the current website in full screen mode, It cover your all screen size. To exit from this feature press F11 again.
F5To Refresh your current page
EscStop page to load
Alt+HomeTo Open Your Browser's Homepage
Alt+TabToggle between browser's Windows
Alt+Left ArrowBack Your Current Page
Alt+Right ArrowForward Your Current Page
CTRL+PPrint The Your Web Page
CTRL+STo Save Your Current Web Page Offline in Your Computer
CTRL+OTo Open File Which is stored on Your Computer
CTRL+HTo Open Your Browser History
CTRL+JTo Open Downloads History
CTRL+EnterThis Shortcut key adds www and .com to the name of the website which you type in the address bar. For example, If You have typed LogicalDost in the address bar then you dont need to type www.Logicaldost.com
CTRL+DTo Bookmark Current Page
CTRL+Zoom In
CTRL-`Zoom Out
CTRL+0Reset Zoom
CTRL+FTo Search In The Web Page
CTRL+L or F6 or ALT+DJump to the address bar
CTRL+SHIFT+DeleteTo Open the clear Browsing Data option
CTRL+TTo open a New Tab
CTRL+WTo Close The Current Tab
CTRL+SHIFT+TTo Open Previously Closed Tab
CTRL+TabTo Switch Between Open Tabs.
CTRL+1 to 8To Switch Between Tabs of The Corresponding Number From Left to Right
CTRL+1To Switch the First Tab
CTRL+9To Switch the Last Tab
CTRL+NTo Open a New Browser Window
CTRL+UTo View a Web Page's Source Code
CTRL+SHIFT+NTo Open Incognito (Private) Window
CTRL+SHIFT+BToggle the Bookmarks bar between Hidden and Shown
CTRL+SHIFT+OTo Open the Bookmark Manager
To Search a Google Query
SpacebarMoves Down a Page at a time
SHIFT+SpacebarMoves Up a Page at a Time
HomeGo to top of the web page
EndGo to end of the page
Windows+Right ArrowTo Half Browser Size in Right Side
Windows+Left ArrowTo Half Browser Size in Left Size
Windows+Print ScreenTo Take a Screenshot of the Current Screen

I Hope you understand All Browser Shortcut Keys, But you have to practice to learn all keys. Well, You can Bookmark this page in your browser, after that if you forget something then you can access and use it Instantly. If You have any concern about it then Please ask via Comments.

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    Keep to growup
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  2. Hey Pradeep,
    You have shared very useful information about browser shortcut keys, it’s helped me a lot to work fast and smart.

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