WhatsApp Private Replay Feature For Groups: Expected soon By WABetaInfo

WhatsApp recently released a Beta Update for Windows Phone by mistake. This feature of WhatsApp allows users to send private messages to anyone in the WhatsApp group, and the rest of the group members do not even know the message. However, this feature was accidentally released by the developers of WhatsApp and it is being told that this feature will be launched sooner in the coming time. This feature was first confirmed by WABetaInfo, who also reported that the feature of beta version Private Replay of WhatsApp was removed shortly after.WhatsApp Private Replay Feature For Groups

WABetaInfo tweeted the feature of the private reply in the Windows Phone has been disabled and this feature was probably made by WhatsApp developers. Further, he also said that this feature will be released again in version 2.2 17.83 suite update.

WhatsApp Private Replay Feature For Groups: How to Use

WABetaInfo said that the Private Replay feature will be available only in group chat. And when the user presses and hold on any message, he will get a pop-up menu, which will user also get the private reply feature. And this message will be found in the user’s personal chat. It was further told that when this feature was tested then there was a lot of problems in it.

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Earlier, WABetaInfo had leaked the information of the feature which is developing for WhatsApp Web and desktop. These include tap to unblock and a picture-in-picture (PIP) mode.

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