Facebook May Ask Link Your Aadhaar With Facebook Profile

In today’s time, everyone uses Facebook, Facebook is the most popular social site in the world, as well as being popular Facebook provides us great and unique features. Facebook is suggesting new users to use the Aadhaar card to open an account.

Facebook May Ask Link Your Aadhaar With Facebook Profile

Whenever a user creates a new account on Facebook, it is recommended to write the name of the Aadhaar card to the Facebook profile name. Although Facebook is not asking for your Aadhaar numbers yet, in the future, you may have to Aadhaar verification for an opening Facebook account.Facebook May Ask Link Your Aadhaar With Facebook Profile

This new feature of Facebook is currently undergoing testing. Through this feature, Facebook wants to protect fake profiles. 24 crore people use Facebook in India, as well as the second highest number of Facebook users in the world and America, is first.

Whenever a new user account is created on Facebook’s mobile site, this suggestion is given a name as per aadhaar, although Facebook’s suggestion is not available to all users. The number of people who use the Facebook site on mobile is very small. This message is being given to these users right now. Well, Facebook wants the user to use their real name.


Facebook wants to clean up its platform with its new feature, along with that if the user puts his exact name in the Facebook profile, then it becomes easier to identify by his friends and family members. However, Facebook has also said that it is not mandatory to use the name of Aadhar card in the Facebook profile name, a user can create his Facebook account by name.

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